the Elephant rumbles through the Circular City

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Consumption and financing demand control over products and materials in the new circular world of construction, with ownership as a logical resource. Both customers of buildings – the investor and the end user – have fundamentally different ideas about value. On the supplier side, translating buildings into customer oriented services has hardly even started. How can what the construction world offers effectively and specifically provide for that and what are the bottlenecks make that such a challenge? The writer identifies the major economic changes and then the benefits to investors, end users, society and the construction world. Where the dogmatic Dutch definition of real estate ownership forms an extraordinary stumbling block for both customers.

About the author
Raised in the world of architects, builders and contractors, Remko Zuidema graduated as a Construction Engineer from the TU in Delft and now has 25 years’ work experience in the field. He has worked as a principal, manager and engineer on off-shore, office, educational and residential building projects. It became increasingly clear to him how the interests of the end user differ from those of the owner.
As former local politician, strategic consultant, founder and president of the BRIQS Foundation, the author is directly involved in coordinating natural resources, materials, products with the lifespans of buildings.


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