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Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing

The architecture / housing / urbanism book that launched the Supports / Open Building movement worldwide, this is the new second English edition of the seminal work published throughout the world, originally published in English as Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing. In this book, author Nicholas John Habraken first proposed the support (base building) / infill approach to housing, an approach at the forefront of the housing and environmental movements, now implemented world-wide.



“Today, as architecture and urbanism undergo tremendous transformation, it is Habraken’s work above all that provides intriguing design…” –Ole Bouman, Editor-in-Chief, Archis, Netherlands

“if architecture is to … again become a profession that addresses practical environmental and housing problems … Habraken is indispensable.” –Robert Gutman, Lecturer in Architecture, Princeton University

“now, after nearly forty years, it remains in many respects as pertinent as ever…” –Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor of Architecture, Columbia University

About the Author
N.J. Habraken has served as Founding Director of the SAR Foundation, Founding Chair of the Department of Architecture Design at eindhoven Technical University, and Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, where he is Professor Emeritus. Habraken is an honorary member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, and author of six books, including VARIATIONS: THE SYSTEMATIC DESIGN OF SUPPORTS and THE STRUCTURE OF THE ORDINARY

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